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The Semester

      There was a guy who used to have a messy look and a rugged attire. His name was Jester. His kindness made the most of himself that he would give what he had and would do things for the benefit of others, but maybe, everything would come to an end.

      Before the semester began, Jester had a friend Sam and they were good buddies. They were both in their teen. Jester became one of Sam’s “walking diary.” Jester listened to Sam’s problems, but one day, Jester had something to say. He was in love with this girl Lexy, Sam’s closest friend too. Jester had to clear something out.

      “I can see that you guys are so close together. Don’t get me wrong but… do you have feelings for her? Cos I think I’m falling for her and if you love her, I’ll walk away and move on,” Jester asked while looking at Sam’s eyes.

      “Uhmmmmm,” Sam paused for seconds and said “No, I’m not.”

      Their class started. Jester had his schooling on the north village Sam and Lexy had the same school on the south. On the second week of class, Jester visited his friends’ school. Unfortunately, he saw something disappointing.

      “I knew it… another false hope,” Jester said to himself. He walked away and moved on. This was a bad start for him.

      The days went by so fast and it was almost the middle of the semester. He met new people on his school. He met a girl named July and they became best friends.

      One day, one of his newly met acquaintances Joe talked to him. “Jester, I need your help. Me and my group have to finish this paper and it is due on Sunday. You’re the only man on this job Jester,” he said. “I’ll try my best.” He did the paper although that was the day before his final exam then everything went fine.

      The group was planning for a hangout. Jester and July were invited. Unfortunately, Jester couldn’t come.

      “Are you coming with us, July?” Joe asked. “No cos Jester couldn’t come,” July answered. “We will talk to Jester and do everything to make you come with us,” Joe and the rest said.

      July talked to Jester about this conversation. Jester realized that the group was just using him to get to July. He was disappointed. This thing happened thrice.

      The second semester of the year started, and Jester slowly fell in love with July. He was finally moved on. Unfortunately, July had a boyfriend.

      After a month, his boyfriend dumped July and she was very sad. Jester felt bad too. Then on her birthday, Jester told July his top secret.

      “I love you. I hope this would help you forget him,” Jester said. Then July replied, “I don’t want to say yes to you. I’m still moving on, and after I have moved on, I will get to know you more and give you chance… only you,” July promised.

      One day she became so close with this guy named Emmanuel, who’s in the group too. Emmanuel had feelings for her too. Then July let Emmanuel court her.

      “I thought I was the only guy,” Jester cried. He was disappointed.

      Yes, it was a false hope. No one in the group did care and told Jester what was happening. They made Jester wait for nothing.

      Suddenly, Emmanuel had a girlfriend, but not July. So July’s full attention was on Jester.

      Jester and July finally made it through. They became lovers. Along their journey, July confessed everything. Jester forgave her but he couldn’t forget what his friends did to him. Jester said “I will forgive them, but I’ll get rid of them. This is for my self-protection. Are you with me?” July was speechless. July just couldn’t get rid of them. She was one of those who hurt him.

      “I’m still alone,” Jester said to himself.

      The semester was almost done. Literally, Jester had somebody, but the truth was, he still had nobody. Life is so unfair that he always forgives though people keep on stepping on him. Who will be his somebody? …somebody who will stand for him with no questions? …somebody who will take him away from being hurt? Jester has nobody.

10 games I enjoyed when I was a kid



Super Mario


Battle City

Circus Charlie


Road Fighter

Lode Runner

Ice Climber

Duck hunt

Double Dribble

OMGOMGOMG where adventure island in here?


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Sweet :D 

Sweet :D 

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Matanong ko lang. Nung bata ka ba

Kinakagat mo rin yung bakal ng mongo pencil mo para lumabas yung eraser at makapagbura ka?

Pinapapak mo din ba yung milo?

Kumakanta ka rin ba noon sa harap ng electric fan?

Sinisilip mo rin ba noon ung ref kapag namamatay ung ilaw pag sinasara?

Naglalaro ka rin ba noon ng teks at pogs?

abay syempre naman OO! 

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Sweet <3

Sweet <3