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Math is killing me right now >.<

Anywhere Shots 2

Anywhere Shots 1

Don’t Make Me (Country Music)

The Reflection

Before and after I go out, brush my teeth, take a bath and go to bed, I always stare at the mirror. I fix my hair and see if there’s something wrong on my face and I do more stuff. To make it short, I look at my reflection. Yes, mirror has been a part of everyone’s life since it was invented.

One day, I asked myself “Do reflection and what I see in real life look exactly the same?” I made an observation on this. This is what happened…

When I was in the bathroom, I saw my friend who just finished his thingy. I stared at his face and he was so pale. Together, we fixed ourselves in front of the mirror and his reflection looked like he was born again.

I came up with a conclusion and you know what it was.

It hurts when you knew what you saw was the sunlight but it was just the flashlight.What matters here is what you did and what you felt at that moment and then BAM!!! everything that you worked for was all FAKE.

…like when you trusted a friend and at the end you found out that he was talkin shit about you. …like when you tried your best to be a good friend and at the end it showed up that they could take advantage of you and could even laugh at you when you were in big trouble. …like when you did nothing wrong to them but they loved torturing you emotionally. …like WHEN NO ONE SAVED YOU WHEN YOU WERE DOWN, YET YOU NEVER LEFT THEM WHEN THEY WHERE AT YOUR PLACE.

"Sometimes, what you see ‘real’ is just a reflection."

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Types of Friends (REPOST)

Kasama or Sumasama

Pangmagpakailanman or Pagmaykailangan

Kaibigan ka, Friends na tayo or Cool ka(may pera, may ichura), Friends na tayo

With naked truth or With naked body

By Chance or By “Chancing”

By love or By “liVog”

Sa lungkot at ligaya :) or Bawal Problema!

Trust kasi kita or Crush kasi kita

Everything fits! or With Benefits

Sino ka sa kanila? :)